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Excavator Rental in Malaysia, Perak

Excavator Renting in Malaysia
Renting excavator with us anytime and any day!

Why do you rent excavator from us?

Are you looking for excavators with professionally trained operator? Congratulation, you come to the right place. Uni-Strength Tractor Work has started the excavator rental service in year 1990 and currently we have more than 20 excavators which were rented by our dedicated customers everyday throughout the whole Ipoh, Perak.


excavator rental  excavators rental


It's not only about renting excavator, It's about the excavator operators!


Well-trained excavator operator

With a team of experienced excavator operators, we have confidence to provide you an excellent service you needed. Our excavator operators will ensure the most productive and reliable equipment possible reaches your job site. You may surprise that you can lower down the hour of usage excavator to save your pocket.


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