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Tractor rental and tractor supply company in Perak, Malaysia

Tractor Renting Service in Malaysia

How many of you expect responsive tractor rental service?
Do you think it is critical to hire an experienced and professional tractor driver?

We have been in the tractor renting business since the 1990s

With more than 20 years of experience in tractor rental service, Uni-Strength Tractor Work has gained the trust from clients who look for professional construction tractor rental. We established very good relationships with all our clients. Our sincerity and integrity has made us a reliable supplier of heavy construction tractors, ranking us among the best construction machinery suppliers in the region.

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A Smart Choice for Tractor Rental

Our tractor can solve your problem

Construction jobs come in all shapes and sizes, from weekend do-it-yourself (DIY) projects and landscaping to heavy-duty excavating, demolition, earth moving, and loading. Whatever the task,tractor rentalUni-Strength Tractor Work has the tractors you need to do the job right.

Our tractor renting services include:

  • Back Pusher Tractor for rent
  • Excavator tractor for rent
  • Backhoe tractor for rent

Reasons why you should consider our tractor company?

checkTrained and experienced tractor operators

All our tractors are fully operated by trained, qualified and experienced personnel to ensure the most productive and reliable equipment possible reaches your construction work site

checkOne-stop tractor supplying service

tractor supply companyUni-Strength Tractor Work provides a variety of tractor rental services such as; rental of back pushers tractor, backhoes and excavators. Now you can save the time and effort looking for tractor renting services from different providers since we supply a comprehensive list of tractors which will cater to your every need.

checkVery competitive tractor rental rates

With our wide variety of quality tractors, plus the expertise of our marketing and technical personnel, your company can be assured of getting the best value added and cost effective solution to cater to your requirement.

checkFast delivery tractor to your work site

Once we receive your tractor enquiry or confirmation, our friendly staff will do the arrangement for you and deliver our tractor to your requested work site immediately.

checkLow-hour tractor usage

With professional and experienced tractor drivers, we provide you fast and excellent service. There is no need to worry about any postponement of your construction work.

check Flexible tractor rent period

If you only need a specific piece of tractor for a short period, our staff will help with your selection and work out a timetable that meets your needs.

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Rental of Construction Equipments

Back Pusher Tractor Rental
Excavator Rental
Backhoe Rental
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